College of Tourism/Hospitality Management

The college is a nucleus of excellence from which emanates a holistically honed, world-acclaimed service provider.

To make available globally competitive standards in hospitality Management.

World class hospitality starts with us.

The College of Hospitality Management, Tourism and Nutrition of the University of Bohol expresses these aspirations for its graduates:

  1. Enhancement of quality education through the establishment of supreme standards;
  2. Enablement of the students in the performance of universal hospitality services and practices; and
  3. Inculcation of attitudes and values befitting a true UBian whose reverent fear of God is the heart of his performance for his fellowmen, his country, and for the industry.

We at the University of Bohol, College of Hospitality Management, Tourism and Nutrition, share the responsibility for quality improvement by:

  1. Determining customer needs and engaging in activities to respond appropriately to them;
  2. Defining, monitoring, and evaluating processes and outcomes to ensure total satisfaction of clientele;
  3. Ensuring quality-related costs at every point wherever practicable to achieve desired performance and services;
  4. Monitoring and evaluating processes, outcomes and controls for continual improvement; and
  5. Empowering personnel and students for individual integrity, leadership and service.

Dr. Maria Asuncion L. Bersabal, BBM-HRM, BSN-RN, MSBA, PhD EM
Dean, College of Tourism/Hospitality Management