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University Grade School


As a premier university, the University of Bohol envisions to transform lives for a great future.

Its mission is to provide a holistic education anchored on the trinity of virtues: Scholarship, Character, and Service.

Specifically, the University of Bohol has the following goals:

  1. Development of self-reliant, self-sufficient and globally competent pupils equipped with relevant knowledge and skills.
  2. Achievement of aspirations towards socially acceptable ends. God-fearing, charitable and morally upright.
  3. Empowerment to be mindful of the needs of others and render unselfish service to God, country, and fellowmen.
  4. Commitment to love of country through the exercise of rights and duties as responsible citizens.


The University Grade School positions itself as a vibrant university grade school nurturing lives for a great future. It hopes to nurture confident children with 21st century skills anchored on the trinity of virtues: scholarship, character, service.

The University Grade School is committed to produce Grade 6 graduates who are:

  1. Academically excellent
  2. Emotionally and socially developed
  3. Exemplary and responsible leaders
  4. God-loving

Ms. Maribeth D. Alpuerto
Principal, University Grade School