UB Graduate School & Professional Studies

An institution of higher learning committed to produce globally competitive graduates in the field of education, arts, business management, public administration and humanities working towards sustainable growth and development.

The University of Bohol- Graduate School and Professional Studies is committed to the attainment of the four-fold functions of the higher education by:

Providing quality instruction in the academic settings

Producing competent individuals who will provide meaningful leadership with the highest degree of professionalism and competence in their respective field of work.Contributing and disseminating in the discovery of new knowledge through research. Participating actively in transnational collaboration, industry linkages and global networks, with special consideration to its active involvement in local community extension services.

Continue to provide professional growth and development opportunities in a right blend of effective, efficient, convenient and enriching instructional approaches in the graduate and post graduate programs. Generate new knowledge through research and apply the results to improve the quality of human life and respond effectively to the changing social needs and conditions. Produce graduate students with proficient skills in the aspects of leadership in their respective work, competency in their field of endeavor, research and publication for global, regional, and local development


  1. Produce knowledgeable, skilled and globally competitive teachers, business leaders, educators and psychologist.
  2. Provide relevant graduate curriculum as prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education.
  3. Be the nuclear for professional growth and advancement, research and technology in the regime by offering various field of specialization on priority areas prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Promote scholarly research, discovery, and dissemination by enhancing and strengthening research capabilities for the attainment of high quality and relevant researches.

Forge partnerships with external stakeholders in support of relevant activities and programs that would enhance development and promote progress in the community.

Disseminate the knowledge and discovery through publication of relevant thesis/dissertation and likewise faculty researches.

Tirol, Godofreda, PhD, MA, MSBA, BSE-Math, BSC-Accounting
Dean, UB Graduate School