Application for Freshmen Academic Scholarship

  1. Students who wish to apply for Freshmen Academic Scholarship must be endorsed by the Deans of the College they are enrolled in.

  2. Applicants for Freshman Academic Scholarship will file for Freshmen/ Academic Scholarship at the Office of the Vice President for Academics located at the IRC Building, first level.

  3. The applicant will fill in and sign the application form and submit it to the Office of the Vice President for Academics with the following:
    1. 2x2 recently taken black and white picture
    2. Character references/ Good Moral from HS School Principal, Barangay Captain or Mayor and Parish Priest or Minister.
    3. Certificate of scholarship or certificate from the Principal stating the honor received when upon graduating from High School.
    4. Write and submit an essay
    5. Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
    6. Photocopy HS Card or FORM 138

  4. Upon application, the applicant must have already enrolled at the Registrar’s Office and have duly paid the fees at the Treasurer’s Office.

  5. The applicant for Freshmen Scholarship will be interviewed by the Guidance Counselor, Dean of Student Affairs and the University of Bohol Academic Scholar Adviser.

  6. The accepted freshman scholars must attend the Orientation meeting and other meetings that be called from time to time.

  7. After having complied with all the requirements, the applicants of the Freshmen Scholar will be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  8. Application for scholarships will be accepted starting enrolment period until the second week of the regular start of classes. Late applications will not be accepted.