A Project Feasibility Study of Establishing a University of Bohol Student Center at Tagbilaran City



This feasibility study aims to establish a University of Bohol Student Center at Tagbilaran City. The main proponent of this research is the University of Bohol, and the participants are the college students of the University of Bohol. The establishment of the student center will be situated particularly in Tabaco Street Tagbilaran City. The goal of the study is to determine the viability of establishing a UB Student Center of the different aspects, namely; management, marketing, technical, financial, and socio-economic, respectively. This study used researcher-made questionnaires to gather data from the respondents. The researchers used questionnaires with randomly selected respondents with a total of 360 students from different colleges in the University of Bohol. Based on the conducted research, the researchers found out that UB Student Center is feasible in all aspects covered by this study. The majority of the target respondents are willing to patronize the student center with appropriate facilities and equipment to be offered to their students. With proper management and competent personnel in imposing policies, guidelines, the student center will be efficient and effective in the conduct of business operations. The student center shows profitability is feasible, and the investment is expected to be recouped within twelve years and three months. This feasibility study will contribute a social and economic advantage to the community. The researchers recommend that marketing programs and efforts shall be administered to announce the establishment of the student center publicly.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15631/ub.mrj.v7i0.103

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