Attitude and Motivation Towards English Language Learning of Freshman University Students



The first year students from the different colleges taking the subject Purposive Communication in the second semester of the school year 2018-2019 were the respondents of this study. The study further sought to find out the perceived level of attitude and motivation of the respondents in the aspects of integrative and instrumental motivation. The study utilized the quantitative descriptive method, and the process of data collection was done through an adopted and modified questionnaire. The respondents answered the three-part questionnaire under the guidance of the researchers. The results of the study disclosed a composite mean of 3.11, described as High Motivation which indicates that respondents were of a high level of integrative motivation towards learning the English language. Moreover, the level of instrumental motivation had the composite mean of 3.29 with the interpretation of “Very High Motivation,” which also signifies that students are motivated to study the language because of extrinsic motivation. The result further showed a direct relationship between students’ attitude and motivation towards learning the English language. Hence, students are highly motivated because they have a positive attitude towards the language. Finally, the results indicated that there is no significant degree of difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Recommendations have been presented to enhance the students’ level of interest in English language learning.

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