Research Capability, Support, and Difficulties as Viewed among Faculty Members of the University of Bohol



Research capability in this study is the potential of individuals or staff in the institution to undertake the rigors of effective, efficient, and high-quality research. This study looked into the challenges that professors may face when conducting research. The study was quantitative in nature employing the survey method. The status of the research capacities of faculty from different departments was described using a standardized survey form. From a total of 296 full-time and part-time faculty of the University in 2017, a random sample of 210 respondents was selected with a +/-3.65% margin of error at a 95% confidence interval. This study protocol passed the review of the University’s Research Ethics Committee. The data were analyzed using frequencies, percentages, weighted means, Chi-square, and ANOVA. The findings revealed that the teacher-respondents were relatively young. The results further yielded that the respondents are Moderately Capable of their research capability regarding technical aspects and the major parts of the research paper. As to the other parts of the research paper, they rated themselves as "Capable," as to referencing; teacher respondents rated themselves as "Moderately Capable." Regarding the level of support for the provision of research facilities and resources, respondents rated "Moderately Supportive." When it comes to the levels of difficulty encountered in research writing, respondents perceived it as "Moderately Difficult." Furthermore, results revealed significant relationship between respondents’ research capability and their age (, sex (, civil status (, highest educational attainment (, number of years in teaching (, and college assignment (.  Respondents’ perception of the degree of research support was also significantly associated with their age (, sex (, civil status (, highest educational attainment (, number of years in teaching (, and college assignment (. Finally, there were no significant variances in the respondents’ research capability (F=0.644, p=.853), and level of research assistance (F=0.895, p=.581)when respondents were classified according to their departmental assignment. 


Research capability, research productivity, quantitative method, Chi-square, ANOVA, Philippines, Asia.

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