College of Pharmacy

Cognizant with the National and Global needs, the College of Pharmacy endeavors to produce Pharmacists who are:

  1. Research-oriented; responsive to the recent trends and modern developments in drug industry.
  2. Professionally competent and globally competitive.
  3. Morally upright and uphold the ethics of the profession.
  4. Efficient Pharmaceutical Health care providers.
  5. Community and service-oriented, maximizing primary health care through community outreach program.

Felita C. Torero RPh MS Pharmacy (CAR)
Janine Lou M. Monsales RPh MS Pharmacy (Student)
Mabelita S. Saniel RPh
Kathryn C. Barrete MSc, RT BS Pharmacy (In-Progress) PhD HRM (12 units)
Elsa J. Superales ChE, MAST - CHEM, RT BS Pharmacy (19 units)

Felita C. Torero, RPh MS Pharmacy (CAR)
Dean, College of Pharmacy