Guidelines on Scholarship

Scholarships Available

  1. Employees’ Schooling Privileges:
    1. Full - Timers ------ (70% on Tuition Fee)
    2. Part - Timers ------ (50% on Tuition Fee)

  2. Scholarship for Legal Dependents:
    1. One parent is full-time employee ------ (50% on Tuition Fee)
    2. One parent is part-time employee ------ (45% on Tuition Fee)
    3. Both parents are full-timer employee ------ (60% on Tuition Fee)
    4. One parent is full-timer,
      the other is part-timer ------ (55% on Tuition Fee)
    5. Both parents are part-timers ------ (60% on Tuition Fee)

  3. This discount is available to not more than four (4) dependents, including spouse. The children should be legitimate, adopted and legitimated, not married and not more than twenty-three (23) years old.

    For a child to avail of this scholarship, he should be legitimate, adopted and legitimated, not married and not more than twenty-three (23) years old.

    Moreover, if both parents are teachers in the University of Bohol, the number of dependent children entitled to such privilege shall be limited only to three (3).

    The counting of persons entitled to these privileges shall start from the one with the lowest school charges.

    Academically performing dependents may enjoy the following tuition fee discounts:

    1. For College
      1. Those with GPA of 1.0 – 1.6 ---- 100%
      2. Those with GPA of 1.7 – 1.9 ---- 75%

    2. For Elementary and High School
      1. Grade of 89 and above --- 100%
      2. Grade of 86 - 88 --- 75 %

    3. This privilege should not be cumulated nor added to whatever tuition fee discount privileges said teacher or dependents is entitled to for other reasons. In such case, the teacher must choose which privilege to avail.

    4. Family Relations

      Members of the same family, i.e., brothers and sisters under one support who are enrolled in the elementary, high school, or in any undergraduate or graduate course of the university are granted the following discounts on tuition fee:

      1. Two (2) brothers/sisters --- 10% discount on the one with the lowest tuition fee
      2. Three (3) or more brothers/sisters --- 10% discount for two siblings.

    5. However, these discounts should not be cumulative with other discounts that the students may be entitled to. Brothers and sisters who are honor students may enjoy the privilege granted to honor students, and not anymore of the privilege as dependents.

    6. Loyalty Award

      A student who has been studying in the university from kindergarten, elementary grades until high school will be given a privilege of 75% of tuition fees for one school year in college.

    7. Athletic Scholarship

      All varsity players will enjoy 100% on tuition fees.

    8. UB Supreme Student Government Officers

      The President and Vice President elect of the UB Supreme Student Government are granted the privilege of a full and 50% scholarship respectively during their entire term of office.

    9. Mr. and Miss UB Personality

      The crowned Mr. and Miss UB Personality shall enjoy a one-year scholarship on tuition fees.

    10. UB Work Scholars

      The University of Bohol has adopted a program for working scholars that provides free tuition to deserving students who work part-time in the university as assistants and clerks in offices and laboratories.

    11. Scholarships from Government and Non-Government Organizations

      All government mandated scholarships are fully implemented by the University. The University also honors all other kinds of scholarships offered by the government to qualified students. For full details on scholarships, the student is advised to refer either to the CHED Regional Office or to the Head of Student Affairs.

    12. Application Guidelines
      Freshmen Academic Scholarship Application Guideline
      University Academic Scholarship Application Guideline