College of Nursing


A prime producer of globally competent nurses


To provide holistic nursing education anchored on the trinity of virtues; SCHOLARSHIP, CHARACTER and SERVICE


Caring, God-loving, Commitment, Integrity


The College of Nursing aims to produce graduates who are:

  1. Advocates of the virtue of scholarship through demonstration of knowledge, display of attitude and skills in rendering competent nursing care;
  2. Nurse researchers to improve the practice of nursing care and quality of patient’s care;
  3. Adherent to the virtue of character as manifested in ethico-moral, legal practices and demonstration of social responsibility;
  4. Imbued with the virtue of service, showing compassion, dedication and competence in nursing care; and
  5. Source of awareness on the importance of participatory and collaborative management of clients and community needs.

Lalaine L. Domapias, MAN, MAED, RN
Dean, College of Nursing