Subject/Course Withdrawal

Any students may withdraw from any subject without any academic penalty provided that a Withdrawal Form has been complied, signed properly, paid and filed at the Regestrar's Office.

Filing for withdrawal from subjects enrolled is allowed. Any student who withdraws enrollment shall be charged as follows:

Within Adding, Dropping, Changing before Prelims ------------- 20% of total fees due for the term After Prelims but before Midterm Exams --------------------- 30% of total fees due for the term After Midterm Exams --------------------------------------------- 100% of total fees due for the term

The following are the procedures in filing for withdrawal of subject(s):

  1. Pay fees for Withdrawal Form at the Treasurer's Office.
  2. Secure Withdrawal Form from the Registrar's Office.
  3. Fill out Withdrawal Form and have it signed by the Dean, Treasurer, Teacher of the subject being withdrawn, Registrar, EDP and other who needs to sign and approve the form.
  4. Submit complied Withdrwal Form at the Registrar's Office.

Upon withdrwal, the subject(s) originally enrolled will automatically be marked "W" for "WITHDRAWN" in the student's record.

Any students who discontinues from any subject without satisfying any of the above requirements shall be marked "DROPPED" which is equivalent to 5.0 or "FAILED" without unit credit.